Day summary 09.07.2013

Friday, 12 July 2013 15:16 / Marcin

Today starts to the competition began at 11:30, as first club class, followed by the standard and 20m, less than an hour and they all were already in the air and performed the tasks. The shortest task was to club class (355km), so around 16:30 they started to finish. We also received the first outlanding raport (DQ), except it also the SS and the KG outlanded. Competition won Hamar Zoltan (HUN), he was followed by Roman Mráček (CZE) and Antti Koskiniemi (FIN). In the overall results still leads Roman Mráček, followed by Germans: Gerrit Feige and Lars Hagemann. Very fierce competition in standard class won today Lukasz Wojcik, who defeated on the 438km task the 7s Sebastian Kawa, third place went to Paweł Wojciechowski(all Polish). General classification has not changed, just like yesterday on the first Sebastian Kawa, then Łukasz Wojcik and Paweł Wojciechowski. In 20m class where the task was polygon with thre points, length 423.5 km won Ludek Kluger and Tomas Rendla(CZE), the second place Andreas Lutz and Wolfgang Janowitsch (AUT), the third Marc Seretti and Jeremie Badaroux (FRA). General classification in this class is as follows: first Andreas Lutz and Wolfgang Janowitsch(AUT), while others are Ludek Kluger and Tomas Rendla(CZE), and the third Janusz Centka and Lukasz Grabowski(POL).

There are also Team CUP results after Day 3 available here:

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