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Licence validation

Information on licence validation procedure in Poland

Currently (9 April 2013) Polish Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) is awaiting the Ministry’s approval of the simplification of the (non-Polish) licence validation. 

There is a slight ease in the licence validation for those pilots who have the EASA medical certificates. For those however who do not have their medical certificates according to EASA requirements, some additional exercises are needed.

In case you're not able to obtain the EASA medical certificate in your country please send the licence validation form (as below) form to ULC without this certificate anyway and please notify us. The validation process will start but will will have to provide the EASA certificate later anyway. You can make there medical exams in your country or, if not possible, in Poland.

Please inform Organisers if you're using this path. We will monitor it and do all we can to facilitate it.

The possible centres where you can perform the EASA medical examinations are:







In case you have any questions or doubts – please do not hesitate to contact us at or directly with the director of the Championships, Maciej Całka (

Please however read through the current process, as it might be, that you do not need your licence to be validated:

This only applies to foreign pilots willing to fly gliders registered in Poland. If your glider is registered elsewhere, please check if this country requires your licence to be validated.

If you wish to fly Polish-registered (SP-xxxx) glider and your glider pilot licence is issued:

  • by a member of European Union,
  • by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland,
  • or another country, but according to JAA or EASA requirements.

it is automatically valid for non-commercial, daytime, solo VFR operations. No action is required from your side and you can fly Polish-registered gliders.
[source: Polish Aviation Law (Ustawa Prawo Lotnicze), Art. 96, pt 5b]

If your licence is issued by a country not listed above (or eg. you will be flying non-solo), you need to apply to have your licence validated by Polish Aviation Authority (ULC). The official form can be downloaded here as PDF or DOC version.

Following attachments are mandatory: copy of your licence, medical certificate and confirmation of payment of validation fee. The fee is 100 PLN and should be paid to

Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego
ul. M. Flisa 2
02-247 Warszawa

Bank name: NBP O/O Warszawa
Account number: PL 31 1010 1010 0022 9322 3100 0000 (Swift code: NBPLPLPW)
Transfer title: Tab.1, cz. II + uznanie obcej licencji szybowcowej

It is strongly recommended to also attach the licence Verification Letter signed by your aviation authorities.

If you wish, you can request the validation document to be sent to the competition site, where it will wait for your arrival. Please contact us to have this organised.

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