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Hotels & Accomodation

Hotel on site

We have 47 rooms available directly at the airfield during the competition. There are 7x 5-bed rooms, 2x 3-bed rooms, 3x double-bed rooms. One night for one person in a 5-bed or 3-bed room costs 12 EUR. A 2-bed room costs 22 EUR.

In order to make a reservation please call Agnieszka Zembska from Aeroklub office +48 62 735 20 23 or send e-mail:

Camping site

1 person - 6 EUR

Hotels near Airfield

Borowianka Hotel - 4.5km from EPOM [ROUTE]

Bagatela Palace - 6.7 km from EPOM [ROUTE 1] or: [ROUTE 2]

Hacjenda Inn - 7.0 km from EPOM [ROUTE]

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