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20/07 18:35 Unofficial results are published in all classes now.

17/07 22:25 There will be no changes in Turnpoints database.

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It's over now 20-07-2013 23:43

We have new Champions for the next two years. Thank you all for being here.… Read more

First outlandings are already reported 19-07-2013 15:07

The full information will be given in the day summary Outlandings: A1, MS, YA, AG, KR, 21, ALB, SI, ZT, AM, B, EO, MX, GX, YM, 12F, DK Landed on the airfield (not known if the task completed): G, YU, ECC, EF, ZAS, ZZZ, IF Read more

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17th FAI European Gliding Championships Champions
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